2200 Palestinian men, women and children were massacred in 7 weeks. All of them lived under a ruthless and criminal occupation, siege and blockade. The vast majority of them were refugees, expelled from land that is now controlled by those who brought death to their doorsteps. Hospitals, schools, mosques and shelters were struck in calculated attacks. Families were executed in their sleep. Civilian infrastructure was intentionally target acroas a tiny, besieged strip of land. This is what Israel does. This is what Western nations arm. This is what US tax dollars subsidize.

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fuck this notion of “if you don’t have a stake in this, you don’t get to have an opinion” re: palestine. i used to blindly follow this idea but fuck this idea wholesale, man. this is usually used as a silencing tactic. there are people who aren’t palestinian or jewish who have a really good understanding and really good opinions on this “conflict” (which it isn’t btw). but then i see people who do supposedly have “stake in this” who spew gross rhetoric and shoddy politics. nope, not here for that. also fuck your neutral concept of “morality”. people are dying here, and on one side too. nobody has time for this, literally. 

I’m feeling a strong urge to rant about Israeli/Palestinian politics

there’s just something infuriating I cannot get my head around