Anonymous: Speaking as a Jew, I get triggered by Holocaust imagery and mentions too. When we see Swastikas, we think someone is planning to kill us. Nazi comparisons suggest that people don't care if we live or die. We don't think of Nazis, Hitler or Swastikas as clever rhetorical devices, in our collective memory they represent mortal threats. The fact that people defend the comparisons suggests they don't have the courtesy to respect our wishes, humanity or lives.

i would gladly sacrifice feelings of happiness, love, etc if i could stop feeling like this. for one day. just one day. 


I saw a video of a man literally dying and saying his shahada in Gaza. You guys have no limit to what you will exploit for sensationalism and some likes on social media, do you? If you’re crass enough to post someone’s last moments, you really need to do some soul searching and sort out your priorities. 

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Anonymous: Hi, I recently got into an argument with some white cis-dude at a rally we were both participating in, because I said that comparisons between israel and nazis are antisemitic and had trouble explaining it/I was triggered and started crying (I'm Jewish). I was wondering if you had any links to anti-israel/zionist articles that explain why this isn't okay?

I’m sorry to hear that :(

I wrote up an explanation here:

(pro-)Israelis need to stop talking about Palestinians like we’re props. We’re not props, we’re people with lives, families, stories and futures. This includes Palestinians in the diaspora, West Bank, Gaza, and even inside Israel. Yes, our lives matter just as much as Jewish lives. 

Anonymous: yeah i'm all for ALL of the jewish bloggers on tumblr speaking abt anti-semitism; it is completely their right and they should be listened to on it, and opposing racism mustn't take any ""conditions"" being fulfilled by those who speak abt it. to a degree i even understand that jewish ppl WILL hav a soft spot for israel bc of what they went thru and bc of historical ties, but goddamn i cannot fuck with the israelis on this site with their ahistorical bullshit

yeah tbh i agreeeee (although jewish opinions towards israel are slowly changing so i’m glad)

just-jupiter: The fact of the matter is that many Palestinians do not support Hamas and disagree with a lot of Hamas' actions, but they are the lesser of two evils to them. Resistance in the face of occupations will ALWAYS exist no matter where they are. Many times Hamas smuggles in medicines and supplies for the palestinians that they couldn't otherwise get (because they are blocked by the egyptian border and the "Israeli" border)

yes, exactly!!